Opening 21 November 2016:
Call for project proposals to improve health

Step 1, 2016-2017

(previously called Widespread diseases 2016-2017, step 1)


21 November 2016 – 27 January 2017


This is a broad call within Life Science. It targets collaborative projects proposing solutions (such as products, treatments or procedures) of great innovation potential, addressing a substantial need and demand. The project idea/solution shall be biologically or clinically verified either before or during the project period.

Projects within a broad range of areas are eligible to apply, for example: pharmaceutical, med tech, diagnostic and improvement projects, addressing for examples routines or procedures within health care, home care, outpatient care and dental care.

The call aims to support innovation for prevention, diagnosis or treatment of diseases or other conditions that require, or may require, health care, with the ultimate goal of contributing to improved health.

For whom?

Project teams consisting of at least two partners that should come from different sectors, e.g. academia, industry or public healthcare. The final user (customer, patient etc.) should be represented in the project.


Maximal project funding from this call is 1 MSEK/project during one year. The total budget for the call is at least 10 MSEK. 50% co-financing is required.

Until the call opens

Take the opportunity to identify and team up with people for your project consortia.




Opening Spring 2017:
Swelife accelerator programme 2016-2017, step 2

(exclusively for projects previously funded by Swelife)


Opens: spring 2017

Closes: TBA

For whom? This call exclusively targets projects previously funded by Swelife. Target group will be personally invited to apply.

Budget: Maximum 5 MSEK per project for maximum 2 years. Please note that 50% co-funding is required. The call has a total budget of minimum 14 MSEK.

Swelife’s calls are handled through Vinnova.




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Get support, learn more and apply

Swelife offers free support for applicants through the Hands on model. For more information, please contact one of Swelife’s regional coordinators who can  connect you with your local innovation actor

Swelife’s calls are handled through Vinnova.

When the call is officially opened, you will find call description and information on how to apply at Vinnova’s website.



We are happy to offer guidance and support in order to strengthen the quality of your application or project, increasing the possibility for funding. In this process, we use the Swelife hands-on model.

Regional Swelife co-ordinators can tell you more and connect you with your local innovation actor.