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Swelife’s Hands-on model:

Coaching for your innovation project

Swelife’s Hands-on model is a customised coaching process, offered to all projects involved in Swelife’s call for applications. It optimises the conditions for the project to become suitable for investment and commercialisation.

Step by step, the project is provides with feedback on its  application, business concept and continued business development.

Through the Hands-on model, Swelife improves the flow from idea to innovation by, in addition to financing, offering projects with major innovation potential our experience, expertise and network in business development. The model optimises the conditions for the project to become suitable for investment and commercialisation, thereby benefiting the individual project, the Life Science market and the end user/patient.

For all applicants

Coaching, in accordance with our Hands-on model, is offered to all Swelife applicants, regardless of whether you are part of academia, industry or healthcare.

A customised offer

Through Swelife’s Hands-on model, you and your project will be coached by business advisors and experts that offer you personalised feedback on

  • your idea – does it match the call for applications?
  • your application – will it hold up in a review?
  • your continued work – what’s the next step?

The Hands-on model step by step

  • Application period

In connection with writing your application, you are offered support and advice from a business advisor from a local network of innovation actors. The goal is that your submitted application will be suited for the current call for applications, and of as high a quality as possible to optimise your opportunity to receive funding. Applications will not be rejected on account of formalities errors.

  • Assessment period

Vinnova performs the selection in two stages. All projects are assessed and ranked by independent experts with different competences and backgrounds, representing healthcare, industry and academia. At an assessment meeting, the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova selects the projects which will advance to the interview stage.

After the interviews, the experts make a qualitative assessment of the projects again. Based on this. Vinnova decides which projects will be awarded funding.

  • Project period

During the project period, projects awarded funding are invited to participate in Swelife events. All projects are presented at the Swelife web and interesting news on the projects may be communicated.


For a competitive life science ecosystem in Sweden

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