Aktuellt från Swelife


New members and chair of the board for Swelife

Eva Sjökvist Saers has been chosen as the new chair of the strategic innovation programme Swelife in connection with the first board meeting of the year. At the meeting, a new board was also appointed, in accordance with the previously…

bokeh bild som visar på komplexiteten i snomed ct och blåscancerregistret

Glossary and method book for ‘smarter’ cancer care complete

To be able to use data in a smart and efficient way, it is not always possible to keep doing things the way they have always been done. For example, computers need help to understand us, and that is why…

ai för bättre hälsa

Report on AI for better health

Now it is here – the final report for the project Strategic work on AI for life science! It is titled ‘AI for better health’ and is available to download below. Swelife wants to reinforce its strategic work on AI…



Innovation projects

Swelife offers a growing portfolio of collaborative Life Science projects with a significantly high level of innovation and commercial potential. All projects have received funding from Swelife after an extremely competitive selection process. The projects have been monitored by external…