Online course to start on clinical trial methodology

Online course to start on clinical trial methodology

In Sweden, there are not enough clinical trials being carried out and not nearly enough patients are included in phase I–IV studies. This is why Swelife has funded an online course in clinical trial methodology, primarily directed at cancer. The course is now finalised.

The course is particularly intended for doctors and nurses, so that they gain increased knowledge of and interest in clinical trial methodology and evidence-based medicine. The investment is to create increased opportunities for clinical trials to be carried out at clinics treating cancer patients.

It is an online self-study course in which students are given access to a series of pre-recorded and thorough lectures. The course includes assignments and responses are to be submitted to pass the course. It does not lead to credits, but a certificate is issued upon completion of the course. If the course is a success, it may be further developed into a course leading to credits.

The course will run twice per year, once in the autumn and once in the spring. This course in clinical trial methodology will be updated regularly and in accordance with participant feedback.

The material has been produced by leading experts in both Sweden and Denmark. It is run by the commissioned education unit at Lund University, LUCE.

Here you will find the course on clinical trial methodology.