Kollaborativ framsyn nya beteenden för hållbarhet, hälsa och mobilitet. Bilden visar cyklister i nedförsbacke.

Collaborative foresight – new behaviours for sustainability, health and mobility

Purpose and goal

This initiative aims to investigate new ways of creating lasting behaviour change at the individual level to contribute to better outcomes in sustainability, health and mobility in society. The long-term impact of the initiative is to increase innovation to achieve long-term behavioural change in individuals for better results in sustainability and health. The initiative aims to inspire and equip the participating SIPs with tools and methods for future program development focusing on complex interconnected issues that require new approaches to innovation.

Expected effects and results

The concerned, relevant sectors have gained new insights, perspectives, tools and ideas for solutions and thinking that lead to increased innovation, partnership and impact in their work in the long term. Knowledge, skills and capacity to use foresight and future-thinking methods and tools to discover new opportunities and innovations have been gathered within the “core” group. The building of new relationships that lead to new initiatives, approaches, innovations and partnerships and to concrete efforts and initiatives in life science and health.

Planned structure and implementation

The following structure and timeline offer the participating SIPs and communities opportunities to engage meaningfully and productively, benefit from and improve their current practices in practice:

  • Research: Identify relevant participants
  • Signal scanning open workshop
  • Expert talks
  • Core workshops
  • Open workshop
  • The book and final seminar

Support from Swelife

SEK 494,956

Principal applicant organization

Media Evolution Southern Sweden AB (svb) – Media Evolution Southern Sweden AB

Time frame

October 2022 – March 2023


Martin Thornqvist


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