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Contact Swelife. The programme office holds the operational responsibility for the programme. The organisation includes programme management and portfolio coordination, communication, and financial follow-up. The work is complemented by the efforts and expertise of the partner organisations.

Swelife’s programme office is located at LU Innovation within Lund University, where the application to launch the innovation programme was originally written, but its employees can be found in several locations.

We are located at Medicon Village, Scheeletorget 1, Lund. The house we are sitting in is called The Spark.

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Swelife’s Programme Office

Peter Nordström
Programme director
+46 705-191 220

Eva Sjökvist Saers

Eva Sjökvist Saers
Chair Swelife
+46 705 50 73 71

Ebba carbonnier

Ebba Carbonnier
Portfolio manager
Scalable solutions for better health
+46 730 82 56 54

Thomas Gunnarsson

Thomas Gunnarsson
Portfolio manager
Collaboration and coordination
+46 725-313 846

Karin Lilja

Karin Lilja
Communication manager
+46 725-541 634

Heather Marshall Heyman Swelife

Heather Marshall-Heyman
Manager, International Office

Åsa Walllin

Åsa Wallin
Portfolio manager
Expertise and capital
+46 13 28 89 78