Jenni Nordborg
Foto: Maria Nilsson/Regeringskansliet

ECHO in meeting with the Government Offices

The project is finished. However, most project pages will remain during Swelife’s program time as a reference. Contact Swelife’s program office for any questions.

Ending Childhood Obesity (ECHO) was recently presented to Jenni Nordborg, national life science coordinator at the Government Offices. Jenny Carlsson Kraft from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Pontus Holm from the Ministry of Trade and Industry also attended the meeting.

From ECHO, Peter Bergsten and Avesta Starkholm from Uppsala University, and Ebba Carbonnier and Peter Nordström from Swelife participated.

The purpose of the meeting was, among other things, to emphasize the importance of data-bearing authorities receiving assignments that support the needs for available data that exist within ECHO, and thus facilitate the work going forward. Furthermore, the need for resources that ensure the initiative’s continuation from 2023 onwards was emphasized, as well as the mandate to take part in data from certain authorities.

-Jenni Nordborg showed great interest in the work of Ending Childhood Obesity and expressed a desire for continued dialogue, says Peter Bergsten, national coordinator for ECHO.