prevention barnfetma - barn som leker i vattenpölar
Foto: Xavi Cabrera/Unsplash

Ending Childhood Obesity

Ending Childhood Obesity (ECHO) is a national initiative aiming to prevent overweight and obesity in preschool children aged 0-6 in Sweden, thereby contributing to the reduction of mental illness, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Read more about the initiative here.

Project number


Support from Swelife

SEK 4.7 million in the first year. During the same time period, co-financing from the project parties is also added.


Reduced overweight and obesity among in preschool children aged 0-6 years in Sweden by 2030. This will be measured at both regionally and at municipality level.

Project partners

Formal parties:

  • Barnhälsovårdsenheten i Stockholms län
  • Generation Pep
  • Göteborgs Universitet
  • HOBS
  • ICA
  • Innovation Skåne (1)
  • Innovation Skåne (2)
  • Livsmedelsföretagen
  • Livsmedelsverket
  • Lunds universitet – LU Innovation
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Region Skåne – Kunskapscentrum barnhälsovård
  • Region Skåne – Regional utveckling
  • Region Västerbotten – Barnhälsovården
  • Region Östergötland – Folkhälso- och statistikenheten
  • RISE – Mobilitet och System
  • RISE – Mätteknik (1)
  • RISE – Mätteknik (2)
  • SAS Institute
  • Socialstyrelsen – Avdelningen för kunskapstyrning för hälso- och sjukvården
  • Socialstyrelsen – Avdelningen för kunskapsstyrning för socialtjänsten
  • Stockholms universitet – Institutionen för data- och systemvetenskap
  • Uppsala universitet – Institutionen för medicinsk cellbiologi
  • Västra Götalandsregionen – Barnmedicin

In addition to the formal parties, about 40 actors also participate in the project.


The project has ended. Please, contact Swelife’s program office for more information.