Swelife finances commercialisable innovation projects and system-changing strategic projects.

Innovation projects

Swelife has a recurring call every autumn. The announcements are presented in detail on Vinnova’s website.

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Swelife offers co-financing for innovation projects that will

  • be health-promoting
  • have high innovation potential
  • be conducted in collaboration between life science actors from at least three different sectors.

The activities carried out within the framework of the project must drive and develop the project forward, but also allow so-called pivoting if necessary. To pivot is to redo and change your business model based on changed conditions and is common for startup companies. By testing and failing, you are forced to spin another lap to generate a new, better business model.

Previously funded innovation projects

Strategic projects

Do you have a non-profit or commercial project that primarily contributes to changing working methods or improved research and development opportunities for many parties?

Read about our strategic projects.

The decision process

How does it happen? Who decides on the projects?

Read more about the decision-making process here.