Who can apply?

Who can apply?

Can several people log in to the same application?

Each application is linked to an email address, so the login needs to be shared between writing parties. If you do not want to share the login, it is possible to send a pdf of what is on the portal to your parties. You do this via the “Send for inspection” function, which you will find in the upper right corner of the portal – it looks like a small envelope.

Can an academic himself or herself be involved in partner companies?

A project partner may not sit on double chairs in the project. To meet the requirement of at least two parties, these must be represented by different persons.

The project consortium must consist of at least three actors from different sectors and these must be independent of each other. By independent is meant, for example, that if researchers apply for grants with their company together with the university where they have their employment, this is not considered independent. The clearest way to show that you are independent is to have independent parties involved in the project.

How you put together the consortium is an important assessment parameter, so it is important to be able to show what specific competence each project party and its key people contribute to the project.

How many project partners must be included in the application?

The project consortium must consist of at least three actors from different sectors and these must be independent of each other. The sectors are:

  • Healthcare
  • Academy and research institutes
  • Business
  • NGOs

Could you describe in more detail what is included in the description independent party?

An independent party is a party that in no way has compensation, benefit or in any other way benefits from another party in the project being allocated funds. They are, so to speak, independent of each other, but contribute to the project in different ways.

Can a project partner from health care be a private care provider?

There is no obstacle to this. If you conduct economic activities, for example as a company, state aid rules apply and you are also included in the category “company” in this call.
Read more on Vinnova’s website about state aid to companies.

If the main applicant is a partner or has other connections to the cooperating company, does that mean that they are not counted as two parties?

It is an assessment question – something that may be decided by the assessment group. Tip! Make it easy and have completely separate parties.

So isn’t it OK to collaborate with a “spin-off” company?

The collaboration requirement is there to ensure successful development. If you already have a close connection with each other, collaboration is not enriching.

Regarding the independent party: if two actors – one from academia and one from health care – have worked and published together, can it NOT be counted as an independent?

It is a matter of judgment. Working together in, for example, research projects is not the same as having a company from its research activities.

Can you have collaborated before or must it be completely new partners?

It is good to have collaborated before. A project can be financed on several occasions but with different activities. Sometimes the same parties, sometimes new. What you have to show is how this particular constellation is creating success for this particular project.

Can I apply for funding for a new project even though I have already received funding from Swelife?

Sure, it’s fine, as long as you do not apply for the same project activities that you received money for. For example, if you applied to do something specific in a project, then you can not apply for money to do the same thing again.

Can ongoing Medtech4Health or Swelife projects apply for funding from this call or must they first complete / report on their ongoing / approved projects?

Yes, they can, but they can not apply for work/costs for which funding has already been granted. In addition, it is important to show that you have the time and, for example, staff for the new tasks in the new project. If your new project is based on the results of the current project, they must also be accountable for.

Can you have a project partner from the industrial sector that is larger than an SME? Can large companies apply?

Yes, a large company can be part of the team and can then receive up to 20 per cent of its eligible costs.
Read more on Vinnova’s website about state aid to companies.

The funding for the patient association is the same as for NGOs, ie up to 100 per cent of their eligible costs, provided that they can receive de minimis. What does de minimis mean?

What determines the level of support for an organization depends on what it is classified as. A patient association could be run as a limited company and then it can be classified as a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME). De minimis aid is a separate regulation.

Definitions for SMEs and a description of Support of minor importance can be found on Vinnova’s website.

Can the grant be used for doctoral studies?

The grant will go to innovation projects and not research projects.