SIlicon Valley golden gate bridge Photo Maarten vad den heuvel
Foto: Maarten vad den Heuvel

Future Precision Health

Purpose and goal

Future Precision Health is an investment to strengthen collaborations and partnerships between the US and Sweden in precision health. The purpose is to build a long-term national platform. The goal of this project is to develop a basis consisting of model, structure, management, governance and financing for a 3-year cooperation platform in precision health Sweden-USA.

Expected effects and results

To transfer knowledge and models from previous internationalization efforts from other thematic areas such as digitization of basic industry, IndTech to the theme of sustainable precision health. This is by bringing together existing models with previous experience and knowledge from feasibility studies and pilot projects in health carried out in Silicon Valley and developing a model, and structure for the thematic area of sustainable precision health and closer US-Sweden collaborations and validating through activities.

Planned structure and implementation

The activities are based on collaboration with Swedish initiatives and strategic investments and include, for example, increased exchange of knowledge via delegations, identifying new and strengthening existing contacts with research and innovation environments at leading universities in the USA via e.g. workshops, acting as a point of contact for direct inquiries from both Swedish and American actors. The activities serve as validation of the model and structure.


This project is financed by Vinnova with SEK 1,500,000.

Principal applicant organization

Lund University – FSI: Research, Collaboration & Innovation

Time frame

December 2022 – September 2023


Åsa Wallin