Marcus Österberg
Marcus Österberg

Hello Marcus Österberg – how is the Swelife 😍 AI project going?

Marcus Österberg, manager of Swelife’s project focusing on AI and life science, has made a flying start to the project by travelling all over the country in search of AI in Sweden. Here is his progress report:

Swelife 😍 AI has spoken to experts in Umeå and Skövde, but the journey now continues towards Stockholm and Västerås.

It is, however, clear that AI in Sweden in academic circles suffers from imposter syndrome – nobody wants to acknowledge that they are an expert in what is popularly called AI. When you continue the conversation, you find that the same people were involved in machine learning long before it was cool, that they can describe on a fundamental level how deep learning works and can identify the problems for which this type of technology is suitable potential solution. But AI, no, that is something which someone else knows more about than them.

Swelife’s AI project is proceeding not just via interviews, but by developing self-study material through which almost anyone in a half-day can gain experience of things such as simple programming, theory – such as the difference between supervised and unsupervised machine learning – as well as coding a decision tree in fewer than ten lines of code.

We are also cataloguing projects, initiatives, and centres that include AI within life science.
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