Eva Sjökvist Saers
Eva Sjökvist Saers

New members and chair of the board for Swelife

Eva Sjökvist Saers has been chosen as the new chair of the strategic innovation programme Swelife in connection with the first board meeting of the year. At the meeting, a new board was also appointed, in accordance with the previously approved new management structure.

Eva Sjökvist Saers has been involved in Swelife since the start of the programme and has served as the first vice chair of Swelife since 2018. Eva is a licensed pharmacist, has a PhD from Uppsala University and is the former CEO of APL. She is currently active on the boards of several companies within life science.

“Swelife enables many important and exciting initiatives through the strategic projects that are carried out and as a co-financier in innovation projects. Swelife works with several initiatives to contribute to ensuring that the new life science strategy moves from words to action. Together with the new reinforced board, the programme office and our stakeholders, I am really looking forward to continuing with this work”, says Eva Sjökvist Saers.

Christina Östberg Lloyd has been Swelife’s chair since January 2018 (acting since June 2017). She has now decided to hand over the role of chair.

“During this period, Christina has dedicated a lot of time and commitment to Swelife alongside her normal full-time work, and we are extremely grateful for her valuable contributions to Swelife and Swedish life science. We are very happy that Eva, with her considerable experience in Swelife, is taking over as chair and look forward to continued strong leadership”, says Peter Nordström, programme director at Swelife.

New leadership structure

Swelife’s board previously decided on a new leadership structure.

“A lot has happened within life science in Sweden since Swelife started”, says Peter Nordström. “Among other things, we now have a life science office with a collaboration group. In connection with the programme having existed for six years – half of its supposed lifespan – the leadership structure has been reviewed and certain adjustments have been made. Among other things, we have decided to discontinue the Advisory Board and instead ensure a board with broad expertise. Many thanks to the whole Advisory Board, with chair Anders Sylvan at its head!”

Changes have been made to ensure

  • representation from the whole life science sector, with a focus on Swelife-prioritised areas
  • joint action with the life science office and the forthcoming life science strategy
  • coordination and cooperation on other strategic innovation programmes that are also involved in the area of health, primarily Medtech4Health and IoT Sweden.