Preparation project for the formation of CCRM Nordic

Purpose and goal

Within the framework of the Vinnova-funded Innovation Environment ATMP 2030, needs and conditions for a national infrastructure to support commercial development and manufacturing of ATMP have been investigated, which has resulted in a proposal according to the model developed at the Center for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) in Toronto. The infrastructure will bridge an important bottleneck in the Swedish innovation system for ATMP and this project aims to establish CCRM Nordic as a legal entity and prepare for its construction

Expected effects and results

The project is expected to contribute to Swedish-developed ATMP products being able to be market approved and made available to patients on the global market. By collaborating with Nordic actors and starting from an ecosystem perspective, the ambition is to contribute to the industrialization of ATMP in the Nordics and thereby create jobs both in development and manufacturing as well as in healthcare.

Planned structure and implementation

The project is based on parts of an established industrial consortium consisting of small, medium and large companies developing both therapies and enabling technologies. The actors of the industrial consortium are central to the implementation of the project and necessary to be able to start up the business and design the infrastructure and service offering that will be in demand during the first years of operations. The working method must be based on an inclusive attitude and cooperation that creates synergies with other initiatives and structures in the area.

Support from Swelife

SEK 2,850,000

Principal applicant organization

GU Ventures

Time frame

December 2022 – June 2024


Jim Lund