Swelife’s projects

Swelifes conducts its activities through various projects.

Innovation projects

We regularly offer open announcements to facilitate and speed up business development and commercialization and increase growth in the life science sector in Sweden.

About current announcements.

Here you can read about the innovative projects that have received funding.

Strategic projects

Do you have an innovative idea that can make healthcare more value-creating? Swelife supports so-called strategic projects. These are projects without profit or commercial purpose, which primarily contribute to changing working methods and/or improved research and development opportunities for many parties.

Here you can read about our strategic projects.


Swelife’s activities are divided into four portfolios. Each portfolio has a portfolio manager and contains a number of strategic projects.

Collaboration and coordination

Swelife works with collaboration and coordination to

  • reduce fragmentation and avoid duplication of local/regional work. We thereby aim to optimise the use of tax revenues
  • generate increased consensus on the prioritisation of investments to reinforce life science in Sweden
  • support and create the best possible conditions for the whole of Swelife to contribute to the goals of the programme
  • create a strong life science ecosystem in Sweden which is internationally attractive and competitive.

Thomas Gunnarsson, portfolio manager Collaboration and coordination
+46 725-313 846

Expertise and capital

Swelife offers you both expertise and capital to move your innovation project forward. We have regular open calls for applications specialising in improving health, complemented with free, tailored business development according to the Swelife Hands-on model.

Swelife develops and offers tools and models for your business development. It gives entrepreneurs and innovation agents simple and free access to valuable resources and expertise all over the country. It improves the flow from idea to innovation and facilitates contacts and collaboration between academia, public healthcare and the business sector. Quite simply, Swelife promotes growth in life science in Sweden.

Åsa Wallin, portfolio manager Expertise and Capital
+46 13 28 89 78

Scalable solutions for better health

Ebba Carbonnier, portfolio manager Scalable solutions for better health
+46 730 82 56 54

Systematic health data

Swelife works with systematic health data to

  • improve and support opportunities for the life science sector in Sweden to get access to health data
  • enable all stakeholders – while preserving patient integrity – to use systematic health data in an efficient and cohesive manner
  • enable the development of innovative solutions for better health that are scalable nationally and internationally
  • contribute to what is known as precision medicine – but also to precision health.

Lars Lindsköld, portfolio manager Systematic Health Data
+46 705 40 65 20