Strategic Projects

Let us hear about your idea!

Do you have an innovative idea that can create value in the life science sector? Swelife supports strategic projects in the health area. These are projects without profit or commercial purpose, which primarily contribute to change working methods and/or improved research and development opportunities for many parties.

We welcome more ideas and proposals for projects. Share your best idea with us – give us a call!

Does your project match Swelife’s objectives?

To receive support from Swelife, the project idea has to be able to scale up and implement across the country. It shall as well support at least one of the long-term goals of Swelife:

  1. The competencies and resources of the life science sector shall be used nationally through collaboration and coordination
  2. Sweden shall offer good conditions for sustainable growth and international competitiveness for the life science sector
  3. Residents in Sweden shall have access to innovative, equal and individualized treatment.

Don’t be a stranger!

Do you have an idea or want to know more? Contact Programme Manager Peter Nordström to discuss your idea. Decisions to grant or reject applications are made by Swelife’s Governing Board.