A pharmaceutical that inhibits the spread of cancer

Development of an anti-cancer pharmaceutical candidate with a unique mechanism

A pharmaceutical that inhibits the spread of cancer

Kancera’s HDAC6 project was based on earlier studies of a variant of the enzyme called HDAC6. Researchers connected with the company have previously shown that when HDAC6 is inhibited, the immunosuppression effect of tumours is reduced.

The project encompasses collaboration between Kancera, Cancer Centre Karolinska and a number of subcontractors. The aim was to select the most suitable pharmaceutical candidate in the form of a small molecule that inhibits HDAC6. This covered thorough characterisation of various substances in in vitro tests, and follow-up studies in animal models.

The project has been completed and the final report has been approved by Vinnova. The next stage in the pharmaceutical development process is preparatory work for clinical studies involving systematic testing of the small molecule’s possible toxicity, a process known as regulatory toxicology.

Text: Olle Bergman

Updated: 14 December 2017