Enzyme restores balance in the liver

New unique medical treatment of type 2 diabetes

Enzyme restores balance in the liver

The new inhibitors she and the team have developed affect the balance between the storage and burning of fat.

“The accumulation of fat in the liver is reduced due to the treatment, which restores the metabolic balance in the liver and improves glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. We have shown this in mice and in human liver cells”, states Margit.

New mechanism of action

At present, the medicinal drug, metformin, is often first choice in the medical treatment of type 2 diabetes. Metformin has been on the market since the 1970s. The fact that it is still first choice not only says something about the slow pace of innovation in metabolic diseases, but also how difficult the challenge is.

“Our pharmaceutical candidate has another mechanism of action compared to current treatments and could also be used in combination with other treatments”, comments Margit.

Proven effect

She says the support from Swelife, both in the form of funding and coaching, has been crucial for being able to show the effect in animals. Now Margit Mahlapuu and her colleagues want to move forward:

“The next step is to improve the pharmacological properties and produce oral preparations of the drug. I believe that we can carry out initial trials on human subjects within five years.”

Updated: 9 August 2017

Text: Jörgen Olsson