Transaction based systematic health data along the patient trajectory: A full scale pilot for personalized medicine in COPD

A sub-project within Sweper, work package 5.

Precision medicine requires structured data to be captured during the healthcare process, so as to enable continuous extraction of information. The information can later be used for clinical decisions, quality assurance work and research.

Standards for terminology and clinical models (healthcare plans) exist but, as yet, play only a marginal role in public healthcare. This is what the project wants to change.

The project will focus on the healthcare process for COPD patients. COPD means chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The aim is to improve the care of COPD patients by increasing the opportunity for inter-professional communication and including the patient. The project is to evaluate and validate a general scalable model to meet the needs of patients with chronic diseases. The evaluation is conducted as an observational study which is implemented with the help of the developed clinical information support.