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Reports, investigations and facts

Reports, investigations, and facts about life science and public healthcare in Sweden.
Here we gather Swelife-funded reports, but also reports, investigations, and collections of facts from other parties about life science and public healthcare, on a continuous basis.
Below you can find reports in English.

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Project Reports from Swelife

On health data and digitalisation of health care

AI for better health. 2020. Report on the current situation for a competitive Swedish AI in the life science sector. By Marcus Österberg and Lars Lindsköld.

AI and machine learning for decision support in healthcare. 2018. A preliminary study investigating existing services and the art of developers working on machine intelligence. By Marcus Österberg and Lars Lindsköld. Region Västra Götaland.

AI and machine learning (epub)

Healthcare data from an individual and self-care perspective. 2020. Report by Hanna Svensson.

The Game Plan. 2019. A report from the SWEPER project. For publicly initiated development and national dissemination of ideas and solutions with commercial potential within public healthcare in collaboration.