Siish – faster implementation of innovation in Swedish healthcare

The Siish project works for faster implementation of innovation in Swedish healthcare.

In the regional ecosystems for innovation and research in the life sciences, university hospitals, the regions’ innovation support activities, incubators, innovation offices and universities are important components. Whether innovative ideas originate from healthcare needs, patient needs, academic researchers or entrepreneurs, the interaction between these actors is crucial. In several parts of the country, long-term investments have been implemented to strengthen the regional conditions for successful innovation work. This has given good results. However, challenges and large differences between different parts of the country are still visible.

In an extensive preliminary study for Siish, where the country’s seven regional innovation ecosystems were brought together, six overall areas of need and development have been identified. The work in the project will focus on these, with the intention of creating visible improvements.


The goal is to promote and spread the success factors noted in the preliminary study, to overcome proven obstacles and to create greater collaboration and a more uniform way of working in the implementation of innovations, by:

  • Streamline the development of innovations in the value chain from needs and early ideas to deployment.
  • Deepen understanding and identify and further develop successful ways to spread and implement innovations widely, throughout the country.
  • Concretize, develop and disseminate common best practice methods for measuring the impact of innovation.

Support from Swelife

SEK 297,000 has been used for the project’s feasibility study.

Swelife has granted the main project SEK 15 millions.

In addition, there is co-financing from participating parties throughout the years.

Principal applicant organization

The Västra Götaland Region – The Innovation Platform (VGR)

Time frame

Preliminary project: February-June 2022, main project: December 2022-December 2025


The project’s e-mail address:

Project manager: Ann Lindgård, Västra Götaland region

Jeanette Tuval, Karolinska University Hospital