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Sustainable projects

Here we gather best practice, guidelines and other support on how you as a project can work with, for example, sustainability, Agenda 2030, work environment and more.

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Sustainable innovation

Guidance for sustainability work in life science with a focus on SME. Vinnova and others (pdf, Swedish).

Agenda 2030

SDG Compass

UNDP: Business Call to Action

Working environment

Having a sustainable project can also be about having a nice workplace where everyone feels safe and welcome.

Digital accessibility

Checklist from the union Vision (in Swedish)

Web guidelines from DIGG, for an accessible web


Check lists (in Swedish)

Sexual harassment

Web tools that can be used in the work of preventing sexual harassment (in Swedish)

sustainable projects can be equal projects

Gender equality and diversity

In the concept of sustainability, we at Swelife also put gender equality – as they do in Agenda 2030. A sustainable project is also a gender equality project.

Equal recruitment

Jämo – The stairs (in Swedish).

For projects

NOVA. Tools and methods for norm-creative innovation (folder in Swedish)

Lecture on norm critical innovation with Julia Jonasson at RISE (thanks to Medtech4Health). In Swedish.

For innovation supporters

The Yes Way. Methods and tools needed for your organization to be able to work for an equal and inclusive innovation support system on its own.

IoT Sweden’s gender equality strategy. With checklist. (In Swedish)

Schyst business support (Region Värmland).

Tools AZ.

Accessibility for all

Functional law Sweden’s project Universal design has produced a guide for universal design:

Right from the start – universal design (in Swedish)

EU project that produced a report on active involvement in the global goals:

The unsteady path.

UN projects that have developed indicators for monitoring the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, linked to the sustainability goals:

Bridging the gap.