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Swelife International

Swelife International works as a facilitator. For several years, many stakeholders have been making major strategic investments in the life science office’s prioritised areas: to make digital health and healthcare data accessible and to increase opportunities for development of precision medicine. The stakeholder Vinnova develops and administrates a number of programmes intended to bolster Sweden’s competitiveness within these areas, with one example being Swelife. These initiatives need increased support for internationalisation activities, in addition to a coherent value chain from research to innovation.

Swelife International includes activities that are to facilitate

  • international presence
  • cooperation
  • influence for these strategic initiatives

Swelife International Supports

  • Swelife’s programme office and portfolio
  • Vinnova’s internationalisation work
  • the life science office’s future strategy

The work comprises H2020 and the subsequent framework programme Horizon Europe, as well as other collaboration opportunities within European and non-European international research and innovation programmes. There are to be regular status updates and synchronisation with other relevant groups and, in its implementation, the work is to complement and benefit from existing stakeholders and networks.

Previous internationalisation projects

Påverkansplattformen (Impact)


Value delivered in the project:

  • the project reinforces initiatives of strategic significance for Sweden, in line with the forthcoming life science strategy
  • the project contributes to Swedish initiatives identifying relevant international collaboration partners who can enable international dissemination
  • the project increases understanding for how international research and innovation programmes function, knowledge which is to be disseminated in the stakeholders’ national networks and thereby further lower the threshold for the participation of Swedish stakeholders in international collaborations and enable them to benefit from international key knowledge and technologies
  • the project raises the international profile of Swedish innovation, which ultimately increases international interest in Sweden innovations
  • the project integrates the knowledge generated in previous internationalisation projects in “the influence platform” into Swelife’s work


Heather Marshall-Heyman, project manager