vägledning för hälsodata bild på ett hjärta i en datorgrid

Swelife’s guidance for health data best practices for implementation

Purpose and goal

This project aims to, primarily based on work together with 1-3 of Swelife’s projects, develop concrete guidance for health data and based on this guidance support these projects specifically but also innovation in general where applicable. The health data guidance must describe the ecosystem of existing technical solutions, ongoing work with law and technology as well as a description of existing support functions for the projects. Any special needs for constitutional support will be described. The goal is to support the projects to move forward in these matters.

Expected effects and results

Affected Swelife projects benefit from issues that have already been resolved and can shed light on issues that have not been resolved. In the long term, the Swelife projects can design the desired solutions for managing health data, that this health data can be used for the individual’s participation (primary use) and that secondary use by other actors can take place, e.g. quality assurance, statistics, research or other systematic monitoring of health effects.

Planned structure and implementation

Ongoing contact with 1-3 Swelife projects to map health data needs and solutions. Coordination with Vinnova and the Swedish Research Council regarding needs, solutions, existing guidelines and mapping of the long-term need in the light of upcoming European legislation. Environmental analysis of the work of other Swedish authorities, businesses and European work with a health data area. Designing health data guidance in Word and Powerpoint format with reconciliations with relevant actors.

Support from Swelife

SEK 1,119,943

Principal applicant organization

Karolinska Institutet Department of LIME

Time frame

October 2022 – June 2023


Contact Swelife’s program office for more information.