The board is Swelife’s decision-making body, responsible for taking decisions regarding strategy and implementation. This may include the focus and theme for new calls for applications, projects and investments, as well as the appointment of working groups and their leaders.
Through its composition, the group represents academia, healthcare and industry, including industry organisations.

Board members 2021

  • Eva Sjökvist Saers, chair
  • Örjan Norberg, Region Västerbotten. 1 vice chair
  • Sofia Rydgren Stale, Sveriges Läkarförbund. 2 vice chair
  • Magnus Barkstedt, Novo Nordisk
  • Elisabeth Björk, AstraZeneca
  • Sylvie Bove, RISE
  • Johan Dabrosin Söderholm, Linköpings universitet
  • Mathias Ekman, Microsoft
  • Helene Hellmark Knutsson, Länsstyrelsen Västerbotten
  • Marika Hellqvist Greberg, Vetenskapsrådet
  • Hans Hägglund, Uppsala Universitet/Sveriges kommuner och regioner SKR
  • Stefan James, Uppsala Clinical Research Center (UCR)
  • Hans Johansson, Myrtila advisors
  • Marianne Larsson, Innovation Skåne
  • Patrik Sundström, Sveriges kommuner och regioner SKR
  • Lilian Wikström, KI Innovation AB
  • Päivi Östling, SciLifeLab

Nominating committee

The board members are proposed by a nominating committee. This is done annually with the objective of creating a composition that ensures a strategic and national focus on achieving the programme vision.

  • Erik Forsberg (chair), EIT Health Scandinavia
  • Jennie Ekbeck, Umeå Biotech
  • Anders Ekholm, Institute for future studies
  • Anders Gustafsson, Karolinska Institutet
  • Christina Östberg Lloyd, Pharmiva AB

Policy documents

You find all the policy documents here.

Programme office

Swelife’s programme office has the operational responsibility for the programme. The organisation includes programme management and portfolio coordination, communications, and administration. The work is complemented by efforts and expertise in the partner organizations. Swelife’s physical program office is located at Lund University, where the application to start the innovation program was originally written, but the employees are located in several locations.

  • Lund has a program manager, communication strategist, portfolio manager for Collaboration and coordination, economists and administrative staff.
  • In Linköping, there is a portfolio manager for Competence and Capital.
  • Stockholm has a portfolio manager for Scalable Solutions and a project manager for Swelife International.
  • In Gothenburg, there is a portfolio manager for Systematic health data and project manager for Swelife’s AI project.

Innovation networks and incubators

Swelife’s network of local innovation stakeholders offers support and business development to all researchers, entrepreneurs and innovation projects interested in our financial support. They operate from incubators and innovation offices, have a local focus and a well-established national network.