Sweper is a national initiative aimed at improving and supporting opportunities for the life science sector in Sweden to obtain and use data. Many of these solutions will be able to contribute to what we call precision medicine – but also to precision health. The project is ended.

Sweper stands for Swedish Personalised Medicine.


When the project was completed, an anthology was compiled. It can be downloaded here (in Swedish, pdf).

About health data

The amount of data on each individual is growing fast. This includes information provided by the patient during healthcare consultations – for example, all the data obtainable from an ordinary blood sample – but also data produced by the individuals themselves, through health apps for example. All data on the individual which is significant to well-being can be considered systematic health data.

Used correctly, the available systematic health data could contribute to providing us with healthcare that is specially adapted to each and every one of us, known as precision medicine. Individuals would also be able to use this data themselves for precision health.

However, the work of public healthcare and regulatory authorities has not kept up, which means that we cannot fully exploit our systematic health data. This is what the Sweper project wants to change.

How Sweper works

Together with patients’ associations, business and academia, the Swelife project highlights what needs to be done for Swedish health data to become the support required to gain maximum benefit from the potential within precision medicine. In addition, the project produces guidelines and implements concrete projects to demonstrate opportunities. In order to implement the results in the long term, the project identifies and gains support from suitable recipients of these results.

The aim of Sweper

The aim of the entire project is to enable the use of systematic health data in an efficient and unified way, to create innovative solutions for better health which are nationally and internationally scalable. Public healthcare, together with business and academia, are to be able to benefit from health data while preserving patient integrity. This could put Sweden back in the lead for the development of life science.

Project partners

Parties from public administration, academia, public healthcare and industry collaborate in the project.

Support from Swelife

SEK 20 808 000.


The project has ended. Please, contact Swelife’s program office for more information.