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Time for Test and Lab – Open Entrance!

Grand Challenge Zero Childhood Obesity at School Start 2030

Now it’s time for the second phase of our Grand Challenge – Test and Lab. We challenge you and your team to complete a prototype in the autumn of 2021 and through it be able to show how childhood obesity can be prevented and give everyone an equal healthy start in life.

The prototype that is to be completed and tested must be behavior-changing, innovative, and have good potential to reach a market and create an effect. We do not want to place restrictions on whether the prototype is a product, service, policy, or tool – we open up to be surprised by your initiative and commitment. The important thing is that the prototype should be able to end childhood obesity at school start 2030 and that you can show the prototype’s capacity to do this through this autumn’s Test and Lab.

This is how it works

Test and Lab will be carried out throughout the autumn of 2021. We will give you as a team tailor-made support based on your needs when you are to experiment and test your Prototype. We also give you support through Checkpoints where we follow up the team’s progression and advice on financing to realize the prototypes.

Test and Lab ends on December 8. Then the teams will demonstrate their prototypes and present the results of their tests on a demo day. Also on this day is the expert jury whose task is to assess and rank the teams’ achievements. Before the demo day, the teams must also have sent in films where they present their concept proposal and a short pitch of how their concept will prevent obesity in children of preschool age. The films and the accompanying description will be judged by the jury, which has the task of evaluating and ranking the competition entries. The outcome of the assessment will be presented at a final event in mid-December.

During June until the start of the phase in September, we will gradually provide additional information about the structure and conditions for participation.

Does that sound tricky? Calm, just calm. We will guide you all the way. But now register your team for the Grand Challenge Test and Lab, and you will continuously receive information.

Preliminary Timeline for Test and Lab in Grand Challenge Prevention Childhood Obesity

  • June 23 – Grand Challenge Open Entrance is launched. Now opens the opportunity to register your team for the Test and Lab phase
  • August 27 – Meet-up day! An online meeting for interested teams
  • September 1 – We close the possibility to register teams for Test and Lab. Assessment is made of the expressions of interest to see that the teams address the period up to the start of primary school with their solutions.
  • September 15 – The final team line-up for Test and Lab is presented and the activity starts for all teams!
  • During September, October, November, we carry out mandatory checkpoints to give you the teams’ inspiration and support
  • December 1 – Test and Lab final sprint begins – preparation for demo day begins
  • December 7 – Test and Lab end deadline for concept submission (film + pitch)
  • December 8 – Test and Lab demo day
  • December 8 – January 15 – Assessment of submitted entries
  • December 15 – The Final Event

Times may be adjusted and updated here and to the teams that have registered interested parties to participate.


Register your team for Test and Lab – Open Entrance through this form.

Rules of participation

Here are the rules of participation (pdf)

gravid kvinna
Test and Lab is the sequel of the Hackathon 2021.

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

We who have a prototype that we want to complete and test within the framework of Test and Lab – how do we know that our solution is suitable?

Test and Lab is part of the Grand Challenge Prevention Childhood Obesity which is part of the project Prevention Childhood Obesity – for an equal health start in life. Prevention Childhood obesity is a national initiative that aims to prevent overweight and obesity among children 0-6 years in Sweden and thereby contribute to reducing mental illness, development of type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Please, watch the film

The solutions in Test and Lab can be directed towards the time of pregnancy, childbirth, or the period from birth to the start of school. During the first phase of the Grand Challenge Hackathon, both pitches and goals for our Grand Challenge were presented.

Here, use this material to position your prototype against the project’s vision.

What does it mean that this is an Open Entrance?

From the Hackathon, the top 5 are invited to participate in this autumn’s Test and Lab. In addition, among other participating teams in the Hackathon, 3 wildcards have been handed out for participation. To enable other teams with prototypes of services or products, which were not necessarily part of the Hackathon, to contribute to solving the societal challenge of childhood obesity, the second phase of an Open Entrance is prompted. Through the open entrance, we enable more teams with mature solution proposals to become part of this Grand Challenge.

What does it mean to make a team application?

If you as a team make a team application, you register your interest in participating in the Grand Challenge Test and Lab – autumn 2021. This does not mean that you are automatically included in the Test and Lab. To ensure that the solutions that emerge from the Grand Challenge address the period up to the start of primary school and that we want to help you develop new solutions, we make an assessment of the applications that come in. This can lead to you being given the task of adapting your prototype or plan for experimentation during the autumn of 2021 before the Test and Lab phase starts.

Test and Lab is part of a competition – what can you win?

We do not currently announce a large sum of money as a profit in our Test and Lab Phase. Instead, you compete as a team for the opportunities to

  1. get to move on in the Grand Challenge to the next phase – Market introduction and upscaling
  2. the honour of being appointed as the main solution from the Test and Lab phase to prevent childhood obesity and give everyone an equal health start in life.

All teams also win the opportunity for individual feedback on the concepts from an expert jury, exposure of the teams in the organizers’ channels, and participation in virtual events during the competition and at the final event. The prizes are described in more detail in the competition’s participant rules.

Test and Lab and Grand Challenge – what is what, and how is it all connected?

Test and Lab is part of Grand Challenge Prevention Childhood Obesity. The phase follows a first phase – Hackathon. The hackathon was held in March 2021 with the aim of stimulating good ideas to develop into strong concepts. In Test and Lab, a selection of participating teams will have the opportunity to further develop and test their solutions during the autumn of 2021. After that, a handful of teams will have the opportunity to prepare implementation and market implementation with the support of Sweden’s leading innovation supporters.

Who organizes Grand Challenge Prevention Childhood Obesity?

Grand Challenge Childhood Obesity is organized by the project Prevention Childhood Obesity – For an equal health start in life. The project is led by Swelife and includes 24 partners. The project is funded by Vinnova and the project partners.

Test and Lab focuses on Prototype and Testing – what does a Prototype mean and what does Testing mean?

Through Test and Lab we want to stimulate you as a team in the autumn of 2021 to test your prototype to show its capacity to prevent childhood obesity. The demonstration in December will thus not focus on the functionality of the prototype, but its power to prevent the societal problem that our challenge focuses on. The current situation is that our children suffer from obesity to a greater extent than before and that this has serious health consequences later in life.

In the work with your prototype, you as a team will also be able to define the problem you are addressing and justify that the prototype creates an effect. Concept submission will take place through

  1. film (s)
  2. textual / visual description (pitch).

The assessment criteria used under Test and Lab are described in more detail in the Rules for participation, which you will find here. Detailed instructions for submission will come in the autumn of 2021.