Kunskapsportalen för life science-innovationer

The knowledge portal for early life science business ideas

An open, freely available portal to gather already existing web-based knowledge-enhancing material for life science entrepreneurs. The project will also identify areas where the material is missing and, with the help of partners, develop supplementary material. This will function as a national knowledge library and be a concrete tool for both innovation support in Sweden and a knowledge bank for entrepreneurs and projects. The portal will be operated and managed by the life science incubators in Sweden

Purpose and goal

The project will produce web-based knowledge transfer materials of relevance to academic innovators and entrepreneurs, start-up and growth companies as well as more established companies in life science. The material will form a national resource that will be made available to actors from all over the country through a unified web portal.

Expected effects and results

The project will lead to increased knowledge of important and relevant areas for life science, among innovators, entrepreneurs and companies.

Planned structure and implementation

Areas that are suitable for ‘on-demand’ web-based education are prioritized by the steering group.

  • The steering group appoints smaller working groups that work actively with both content and layout
  • The working groups together with the project manager identify potential expert executors who then record the material
  • Recorded material is posted on the project’s LMS (learning management system) and made available

Support from Swelife

SEK 2,264,340

Principal applicant organization

Uppsala University

Time frame

October 2021 – September 2023


Andy Browning