labb och test
Foto: Monstera/Pexel

Time for Test and Lab

Now it’s time for the second phase of our Grand Challenge – Test and Lab. We challenge you and your team to complete a prototype in the autumn of 2021 and through it show how childhood obesity can be prevented and give everyone an equal health start in life. The phase has an Open Entrance and opens up for more. Check here how to register your team!

The prototype that is to be completed and tested must be behavior-changing, innovative and have good potential to reach a market and create an effect.

Test and Lab will be carried out throughout the autumn of 2021. From the start, we will give you as a team tailored support based on your needs when you experiment and test your Prototype. We also give you support through Checkpoints where we follow up the team’s progression and advice on financing to realize the prototypes.

Open entrance

From the Grand Challenge Prevent Childhood Obesity Hackathon, which was held this spring, the teams that came in place 1-5 are invited to participate in this autumn’s Test and Lab. In addition, three wildcards have been awarded among the other teams that participated in Hackathon 2021.

To enable other teams with prototypes of services, products or prototypes – who were not necessarily part of the Hackathon – to help solve the societal challenge of childhood obesity, the second phase starts with an Open Entrance. Through the open entrance, we enable more teams with mature solution proposals to become part of this Grand Challenge.

Read more here about Test and Lab, and how to register your team.