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Bring your project abroad

Bring your project abroad

Apply for EU funds – and more! Here you will find short films about how you can take your project abroad by, for example, applying for EU funds. Swelife’s internationalization expert Heather Marshall-Heymann will help you! She has put together instructional videos that take you by the hand and tell you how to apply to the various programs.

We’re producing the videos on an ongoing basis, so if your questions aren’t answered here, check back later – more videos may have arrived.

The films are intended for Swedish life science actors, but can also be useful for projects in other industries.


The films are recorded in English with subtitles.

You will find the subtitles at the bottom right of the video (when you click on the video). Click the icon that looks like a small keyboard, and the subtitles will automatically turn on.

How to register for the Horizon Europe application

Links in the film eller

The film as text

How to register for Horizon Europe applications (pdf)

How to register your company as an SME for EUs Funding and Tenders Portal

Links in the film

The film as text

How to register your company as an SME for EUs Funding and Tenders Portal

How to apply to the Eurostars 3 programme

Links in the film

EUREKA website

Definition av SME/SMF

FN:s hållbarhetsmål Agenda 2030

Gender innovation, Genusinnovation (pdf)

Webbinarium om Eurostars

Vinnovas webbinarium om Eurostars 3

The film as text

How to apply to the Eurostars 3 programme (pdf)

How to prepare your EIC Accelerator Step 1 grant proposal

Links in the film

What is Horizon Europe?

EU Funding and Tenders Portal

EIC Accelerator

EIC Guide for applicants


EIC Work programme 2022

The Gender Dimension

The gender aspect. What to consider when preparing an application to Horizon Europe.

Links in the film

Horizon Europe Programme Guide

Horizon Europe guidance on Gender Equality Plans

EC Gender Equality Plan FAQ document

EC Factsheet on Gender equality in Horizon Europe

EC webpage on Gender Equality in Research and Innovation

Video recording EC Cluster 1 gender Equality plan presentation

Presentation slides

GEAR tool: step-by-step online guidance for your Gender Equality Plan

SIDA gender toolbox


Gendered Innovations project: checklists and methods for sex, gender, and intersectional analysis

National contact points, NCP