Swelife Hands-on

Are you considering applying to one of Swelife’s calls for applications? Perhaps you have already received funding but are wondering what happens next. If so, you can turn to Swelife’s regional coordinators for our Hands-on project support.

This is Swelife Hands-on

Hands-on is offered to all projects taking part in Swelife calls for applications – and it is there specifically to help you and your team. This is true regardless of whether your project or company is associated with a university, institute, business or public healthcare.

The idea behind Hands-on is to create the best possible conditions for the project to have better chances of being funded, achieving commercialisation and, in future, benefiting the intended patient group.

What Hands-on contains

The content of Hands-on depends on your project’s specific circumstances and needs. We offer:

  • Advice ahead of the call for applications. If you are to apply to one of Swelife’s calls for applications, get in touch in good time (at the latest two weeks) before the closure of the call for applications with one of Swelife’s regional coordinators so that you can go through the proposed project and review the completed application if necessary. Do your ideas match the intent of the call for applications? Does the application stand up to review or do you need to add something? Could there be a vexing formal error that the coordinator is able to spot? This is no guarantee that your particular project will progress and receive funding but it provides valuable feedback both for the application and for the project as such.
  • Coaching ahead of the interview. Hopefully, your team’s application has progressed to the interview stage. If so, you can get tips and coaching before the interview.
  • Feedback on your business idea and your continued business development. The coordinators have extensive experience in business development and can provide you and your team with a good boost. What is your next step? Not least if you have already received funding, this is an important stage. The coordinators can guide you forward, give you tips on financing and provide good advice.

How to proceed

Swelife’s regional coordinators work with Hands-on. Contact the coordinator nearest to you. Contact the coordinator before responding to a call for applications. Remember to start well in advance!

Find the contact details of the regional coordinators here.

This is NOT Hands-on

  • Hands-on is not the same as an incubator, innovation office, innovation hub or similar. If you are already part of an incubator, you will be offered the same type of support as that provided by Swelife’s regional coordinators. Check with your incubator to find out what help is available there. Of course, you are still very welcome to contact us!
  • We only help you with responses to Swelife calls for applications and no others.
  • If your project is in need of legal advice, for example, we will refer you to appropriate expertise.

Swelife itself does not provide this

  • Legal documents and templates for researchers who want to enter into business collaboration.

A successful innovation project in life science is often the result of a collaboration between researchers, entrepreneurs and other experts. However, many researchers and academics find it difficult to take the step of entering into a business collaboration.

Swelife’s All Right Legal Support is a set of documents and templates intended as tools for those initiating a new business collaboration. The aim is to stimulate and facilitate discussions and collaboration between potential partners.

The documents cover some of the most fundamental aspects of entering into a business collaboration with potential partners. They contain both legal advice and templates for agreements.