Impact evidence and objectives

The purpose of the impact evidence and objectives is to show how everything is connected. Swelife’s impact evidence and goals are all aimed at realizing our vision. Every effort and every funded project must strengthen each other.

The strategy is revised and decided by Swelife’s board in connection with each new program period, i.e. every three years.

Swelife’s vision

Swedish Life Science is a leader in the development of world-class health and sustainable growth.

Swelife’s mission

Swelife facilitates and accelerates innovation and collaboration within Life Science – from ideas to societal benefits.

Main targets

There are three main targets in Swelife’s effect logic. They must contribute to the realization of the vision.

  1. Life science-Sweden’s competencies and resources are used nationally through cooperation and coordination
  2. Sweden has a sustainable, growing and internationally competitive life science sector
  3. Residents of Sweden have access to innovative, cost-effective and individually tailored solutions for better health based on current best practice



Swelife has chosen to focus the work based on two needs:

Good conditions for developing and scaling up solutions for better health

There is a need to shorten the time from the development of new innovative products/ methods until they become useful.

Sweden is one of the world’s most innovative countries with strong universities, companies with high innovation capacity and high-quality care. Despite that, it often takes a very long time for new ideas to create value for both individuals and society.

Strong, collaborative and accessible infrastructures in life science

There is a need for a collaborative and accessible system of life science infrastructures in Sweden, in order to reach our full potential as a country of innovation.

Today, there are many good parts in the life science system, but there is a lack of a cohesive whole. It creates a lack of clarity, a sub-optimization of resources and, in the worst case, missed opportunities for Sweden.

Target State: Together we create sustainable growth – for the health of the individual

Strategy is a journey of change to reach a state. Our target state describes who is doing what, in a context that allows us to picture it.

Focus: Collaboration that produces results

For the strategy to succeed, we must prioritize. With a clear focus as a guiding light, it will be easier to reach the target state.