Impact evidence and objectives

Here you can read about Swelife’s impact evidence and objectives, that is, how we on the programme plan and set goals for our activities.

Swelife’s vision

Swedish Life Science is a leader in the development of world-class health and sustainable growth.

Swelife’s mission

Swelife facilitates and accelerates innovation and collaboration within Life Science – from ideas to societal benefits.


Swelife’s impact evidence includes three impact goals, which are achieved through the results generated from Swelife’s focus areas with the help of a clear focus. Together, they contribute to achieving our target state.

Swelife’s strategy is under development, but you can read more about this on the Swedish pages.

Target state: Together we create sustainable growth – for the health of the individual

Strategy is a journey of change to reach a state. Our target state describes who id doing what, in a context that allows us to picture it.

Focus: Collaboration that provides results

In order for the strategy to succeed, we have to prioritise. Having a clear focus will facilitate our reaching the target state.

Impact goals

  • The skills and resources within Swedish Life Science are used nationally through collaboration and coordination
  • Sweden has a sustainable, growing and internationally competitive Life Science sector
  • Residents in Sweden have access to innovative, cost-effective and customised solutions for improved health based on current best practices

Focus areas and sub-goals

Every focus area has several sub-goals. The success of sub-goals is measured by indicators.

Focus Area

  • Make collaboration a natural way of working
  • Increase collaboration between Swedish infrastructures for Life Science
  • Make expertise and infrastructure more accessible
  • Facilitate finding and attracting funding
  • Increase access to funding for Life Science
  • Create conditions for scaling up solutions for improved health
  • Increase focus on predicting and preventing ill health by establishing the concept Healthy-Risk-Ill
  • Make health data more coordinated and systematic
  • Make health data more accessible

Swelife impact evidence