Best practice för förebyggande av barnfetma. Bild på barnböcker och en mugg.
Best practice. Foto: Annie Spratt.

Work package 2 Best Practice, Ending Childhood Obesity

The Best Practice work package will develop new effective and evidence-based initiatives to prevent childhood obesity. The goal is to reach consensus on what should be done and to then reach out to all municipalities and regions in Sweden.

Current situation

The project started with a study of what successful, evidence-based initiatives that are being used today to prevent children from developing overweight and obesity. To get a comprehensive understanding, both initiatives aimed directly at children and families, for example from health care and preschool, and initiatives at the overall societal level have been examined. In addition, a survey was sent to a large number of actors to capture initiatives that are ongoing around Sweden right now and cannot be found through literature studies.

Effective efforts

The compilation of the survey shows that a lot of initiatives have been implemented, but unfortunately none that are sufficient to make a lasting impact. Today there is no lasting way to reduce childhood obesity. Based on the knowledge gathered, the next step is to develop more effective initiatives, which provide long-term sustainable results.

Test municipalities

The next step will be to cooperate with municipalities where the new ideas can be tested. The goal is to establish cooperation with five municipalities and their associated regions by 2021. It is desirable that the municipalities are from different parts of Sweden with different populations and conditions. The first three years, the work will take place together with the five test municipalities, the next step is to scale up to 50 municipalities, to finally reach all 290 municipalities in Sweden.


Peter Bergsten, Uppsala University