gummistövel. Incitament affärs- och ersättningsmodeller
Incitament, affärs- och ersättningsmodeller. Foto Markus Spiske

Work package 5 Incentives, Reimbursement and Business models (IRB), Ending Childhood Obesity

How can preventive healthcare become a financially sustainable business? What incentives, reimbursement models and business models may contribute to shifting the focus from treating illnesses caused by obesity to instead preventing obesity already at an early age?

Incentives for health promotion

In 2020, workpackage 5 conducted a feasibility study that looked at various incentives for health promotion and preventive measures against childhood obesity. The study was summarized in a report that describes various compensation models in the public sector, mainly in connection with health care. The report also looks into relationships for and definitions of business models in the commercial sector.

Program management

There study indicates that there is a need for some form of program management, where several actors collaborate and have a common goal. The study suggests that the most suitable context to work within is on municipality level or, in larger cities, in a specific district, focusing on residents within a certain geographical area.

Developing a proposal

To really achieve change, it is important to find and address the root causes of childhood obesity and at the same time work at the system level. Today, there is neither a clear picture of all the rotor cases nor any clear incentives to do something about them. In 2021, the focus is to, in cooperation with the other work packages, developing a first proposal for a model to test in two municipalities with different contexts.


Maria Bjerstam, Innovation Skåne

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Incentives for health promotion