Checklist for applications

Checklist for applications

Get started

  • Start the application well in advance.
  • Read the announcement text carefully. Does the purpose of the call correspond to what you want to achieve in the project? If not, this is not a perfect call for you.
  • Create an account in Vinnova’s portal. If you already have an account, you can use it.
  • Ask for feedback!
  • Go through frequently asked questions about the announcements.

Where do I fill in the application?

Vinnova handles the application process itself and all administration around it.
You apply on Vinnova’s website, here!

Answer all questions

  • Be sure to answer all the questions.
  • Be clear in your answers. The reviewer should not have to guess or look for information.

Tell clearly and simply how the project is to be carried out

  • Be brief and concise – do not overwork.
  • Where do you stand today and what are your goals with the project?
  • What is your plan to be able to achieve it? Make sure you have a clear plan on how to carry out the project.

The project’s goals and issues aim to verify your business hypothesis and / or reduce the risk in the project in order to later be able to more easily attract potential investors.

Demonstrate ability

  • Clarify who does exactly what in the different work packages. Why is the team you have chosen crucial to the success of the project?
  • Maybe you in the project group have experience of commercial projects before. Tell us about it! Experience of spin-offs, start-ups, entrepreneurship is interesting to know.
  • What support does the project have? Do you have contact with, for example, an incubator or innovation office? Do you participate in any mentoring program? Is there competence or learning (for example mentoring) about collaborating with industry? Everything like this is interesting for the assessors because it gives them an understanding of how likely it is that the project will be successful.


  • Be sure to specify the different costs and the number of working hours.
  • By how much and how is each work package co-financed?
  • The project must not only cover the costs but also how they are to be financed. Is the money enough to be able to carry out the project?

Be careful

  • Double-check all formalities. You will find all information about what should be included in the call text on Vinnova’s website.
  • Do not make unnecessary formal errors. It would be a shame for your application to be sorted out because of that.

Common formal errors are

  • that you are too late.  The deadline is exactly 2 PM – then the registration closes and you can not submit material after that. It is therefore not possible to send in supplements afterwards – only Vinnova can request supplementation. Submit the application in good time – you never know if the technology will fail etc.
  • that you write too much. The call text indicates exactly how many pages the application is allowed to be, exactly how the text should be formatted, etc.
  • that you upload too many attachments.

Keep track on time

Upload the application incl. attachments preferably the day (night) before

Now you can breathe!