healthy risk sick

Healthy – Risk – Sick

We first drew these circles on a whiteboard during a program office meeting. We call the figure the individual’s (perceived) health travel or Healthy-Risk-Sick, and have noticed that it can be used to discuss several of the life science sector’s challenges.


The idea is that the individual is born and, in most cases, spends much of her life in good health, “healthy”.


Sometimes she is at “risk” for some reason and can then benefit from new diagnostics for early detection. Hopefully, she will then immediately return to “healthy”, and may then be provided with dietary recommendations, technical solutions, preventive or soothing drugs or simply with a desire for living a healthier life.


Sometimes she becomes sick, and in many cases, she is so well cared for that she can return to “healthy”, or at least she does not experience bad health. For example, a person who has asthma doesn’t feel sick all the time, even if she is carrying an illness that doesn’t go away.

Health Data

All along the health journey, the individual generates data. In the Health circle that could be self-care data, perhaps from a smartwatch. In the Risk and Ill circles, it is mainly the data of the health care sector, for example, medical records and blood tests. In the future, we need to have a system where the different data flows “talk” to each other so that data follows with us as individuals. Several of Swelife’s projects are about this.

Where do we put our resources?

Another way to use the Healthy-Risk-Ill concept is to investigate where we put our resources. In other industries, had we really let the machine get broken before we repaired it? No, we had, after all, invested in service and cared for our machine much earlier.
But when it comes to the “machine man”, we put relatively little resources into preventive health care. For example, the health care sector’s share of the Swedish GDP was almost 11 per cent in 2016. Of this, only three per cent was spent on preventive measures. The other ninety-seven per cent went to the Risk and Sick circles.

Where does Swelife put its resources?

We can also use Healthy-Risk-Sick to see where Swelife’s projects are located on the map. Do we practice as we preach? No – almost all our projects are at Risk or Ill. But thanks to the Health-Risk-Sick concept, we have been aware of this and can increase our efforts on the Health Circle.

Download Health-Risk-Sick

Feel free to use the Health-Risk-Sick concept yourself! To help you get started, we have created a package of PowerPoints and images in png format. Also available in PSD format if you want to change colours and fonts yourself.

Here you can download the package.