två barn i hjältedräkter

Work Package 3, Grand Challenge, Prevention of Childhood Obesity

A part of the project Prevention of Childhood Obesity.

To mobilize the society around visions of Zero Childhood Obesity at school start by 2030, the project will design and implement a Grand Challenge.

What is a Grand Challenge?

Grand Challenge is a type of innovation competition that has not previously been held in Sweden and which aims to mobilize a wide range of actors around generating different types of solutions to complex societal challenges.

This is how it works

Participants in the competition will undergo a competition process with an attractive price that enables the best solutions to begin to be implemented and create positive effects regarding childhood obesity.

More information about the competition.


This is led by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, which in this work package works together with representatives from authorities, business, regions and civil society. During the autumn of 2020, the focus is on the design and set-up of the competition.


Anders Hjalmarsson Jordanius, RISE

Åsa Wallin, Swelife